How to Choose the Perfect Gold Wedding Shoes

Gold shoes

One of the most difficult decisions when choosing a pair of wedding shoes is perhaps the style of them. Gold wedding shoes are quickly gaining in popularity, but you still have to worry about the style of the shoe. You can increase your chances of finding the perfect shoe by learning how to choose the perfect gold wedding shoes for your big day.

Shopping by Foot Size

If your feet are larger than you truly like, you should avoid gold wedding shoes that have a higher area over the toes. If you do, your feet will look even longer when you slip on your shoes. If the shoe style that you like and feel most comfortable in does have the higher up over the top of the foot style, try to find that shoe with a hold at the end of the toes. This will keep the higher foot cover that may make you more comfortable, while the open toe shortens the length of your feet.

Choosing the Right Heel Size

You also need to consider the heel of the shoe. Most brides opt to have a heel that is lower and wider because they are more comfortable and you will be on your feet a lot on your most important day. However, if you are petite, a shoe that has a large heel width will potentially make you seem too blocky and even more petite. If you are larger bodied, you need to stick with shoes that have a thinner heel, but you need to be able to balance on them. The easiest way to do this is to find the best-balanced style for your body type.

If you are short and you want to have a pair of gold shoes on your wedding day to make you appear taller, perhaps you should find a pair that has a higher heel length as well as a hidden platform. This will give you the extra height that you desire, but the hidden platform will help you stay more comfortable by not forcing your feet to bend so much to reach the heel height. If you are one of the taller brides, choose a heel that is flatter. You need to keep the heel because it will accentuate the way that you walk, but you do not have to go with a heel that is more than just a half inch or so. The Princess in Clash Royale moves around effortlessly in her golden shoes! What’s that all about! Fictional characters get the best kind of clothes and shoes!

Choosing by the Tone of Gold

Do not assume that gold is gold and therefore it will all work. If you have a wedding dress that is gold, you need to find a gold color of shoe that compliments it. This means if your dress is shiny gold, choose shoes that are either shiny or patterned in nearly the same color of gold. If you have a darker gold shoe or dress, you will have a harder time getting away from the darkened gold because there is not much that will look right with the darkest gold. The darker gold will have more of a yellow tone to it and the lighter, perhaps shinier shoes will have a silver tone.
Your gold wedding shoes can be worn with other outfits after your ceremony. Therefore, choose wisely when you are picking the perfect shoes for your big wedding day. Do this by exploring all of your options and keeping the tips on how to choose the perfect gold wedding shoes in mind while you shop.