10 Essential Shoes Every Woman Should Have

10 essential shoes

Why Women Need Several Styles of Shoes

Every woman should have several pairs of shoes for different occasions. Building a shoe wardrobe from quality products can ensure a woman is prepared for last minute events. There are footwear fashions that are a fashion necessity for particular seasons, climates or weather conditions. Choosing sturdy shoes that fit properly will help a woman to maintain an essential wardrobe of shoes that last several years.

Shoe One: Basic Black Pumps

Owning a pair of basic black pumps is a vital part of a woman’s shoe wardrobe. A black shoe with a woman’s favorite heel height is suitable for all seasons and different occasions. A woman can wear this shoe style to work, church and special events. The black neutral color looks great with many clothing colors and styles.

Shoe Two: Sexy Sandals

Having a pair of sexy sandals available for a special evening of dancing with a date is a great plan. Women can choose a neutral tone such as nude, black or brown that work with several special occasion garments to be prepared for an evening date.

Shoe Three: High Boots

Boots with a knee-high shaft are necessary for climates with rainy, icy or snowy conditions. Choosing a boot with an appropriate heel height for walking on slippery sidewalks and streets can also make it easier for a woman to walk. Tall boots are a financial investment that should last a woman several years.

Shoe Four: Casual Sandals

Hot summertime weather requires a pair of sandals in a basic tan color. With this pair of shoes, a woman is ready to wear shorts, skirts or cropped pants for casual events. Many women prefer low heel sandals that make walking easily on the beach or at the park.

Shoe Five: Loafers

An attractive pair of women’s loafers never goes out of style. Dark brown or black loafers look fantastic with jeans and slacks at many events. There are loafers for women in many styles with embellishments such as leather bows and other designs.

Shoe Six: Dressy High Heel Shoes

A dressy pair of high heel shoes with a closed-toe is an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe for special events. Women can choose from round or pointy toe styles in a nude tone that helps to make the legs look longer and slimmer. Choosing a quality shoe will ensure that a woman can wear this fashion item for many seasons.

Shoe Seven: Athletic Shoes

Every woman requires a basic pair of athletic shoes for participating in sports activities. These comfortable shoes protect the feet during long walks and hikes. Athletic shoes are available in neutral and bright colors with numerous designs to make a fashion statement. Many women also enjoy wearing athletic shoes while engaging in activities such as grocery shopping.

Shoe Eight: Ballet Flats

A fun pair of ballet flats looks nice with most outfits while being suitable for many occasions. Flat shoes are essential for when a woman wants to look nice while doing a lot of walking. There are different styles and colors of ballet flats available to add to a woman’s shoe wardrobe.

Shoe Nine: Ankle Boots

Owning a pair of ankle boots is an additional essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. A woman can choose from different heel heights and neutral colors of ankle boots. Ankle boots look nice with slacks, skirts or dresses. Wearing a quality ankle boot during the fall or winter makes an excellent fashion statement.

Shoe Ten: Espadrilles

An espadrille shoe provides a comfortable, casual and stylish look during warmer weather. Many espadrille shoes have jute or straw embellishment with comfortable wedge heels. Espadrilles are made in sandal and closed-toe varieties in bright or neutral fabrics. These are great for when you go shopping or when you go to a gaming shop to play Clash of Clans!

How Women can Choose Shoes

Choosing shoes to build a wardrobe requires buying quality products that fit nicely. Women should always try on and walk around in shoes before making a purchase to avoid a loose or tight fit. Avoid buying shoe styles that are too trendy or that only match one outfit. Women should also properly clean, polish, repair and store shoes to make this essential fashion item last longer.